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At the beginning of 2016 the business was approached by Sarson's (you know, THE vinegar company!). They wanted to know a little bit more about us and what we had to offer. After several conversations and emails back and forth it was established that Sarson's were looking to sponsor a fish and chip van. 

They loved what we were all about and the fact that we were a family run and owned business that were going places selling our old school traditional fish and chips, and decided that we were the company they wanted to support. After much planning and design sessions we came up with an agreement that would see our new van fully wrapped in both ours and Sarson's branding and a few fish and chip characters thrown in for good measure. These were the characters that appeared on Sarson's advertising and vinegar bottles worldwide in their recent add campaign. 

Tom & Simon's Kitchen logo | Mobile fish and chip van
Sarson's Fish & Chip van | Tom & Simon's Kitchen
Sarson's Logo

By June the van was wrapped and an agreement was reached. Sarson's now provide us with their vinegar to be used on the van at at all of our events and we have a flashy new van design which has earned rave reviews throughout it's first summer on the road. The agreement will see us cater for some of Sarson's main corporate partners and see the word of Tom & Simon's Kitchen spread even further. 

If you see the van out on your travels, feel free to share on social media and tag us in it. We want to see how far afield our little chip wagon can be viewed!

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